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Helpful Public Servant of the Week Award, June 15 2012 June 20, 2012

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Giving the OPSotW Award a break this week – not because I didn’t encounter any, but because I actually talked to some government employees so helpful that they deserve recognition. Not surprisingly, they were not from ’round here.

They’re actually Canadian, and I talked to them about the Alcan Highway closures that took place for several days last week. Even though they were swamped, they were totally willing to talk to a TV reporter from a small market (granted, seeing as they were based out of Whitehorse, Fairbanks is actually a much larger market, relatively speaking) several hundred miles away. When they couldn’t connect me to the people with the best information (usually because they were either at the washout sites themselves or overwhelmed with a variety of duties related to keeping a tent city of a thousand stranded motorists alive and happy), they would call me and apologize. When they did have time to talk, they were forthcoming and well-spoken. Makes me proud to have dual citizenship.

I didn’t get many of their names, but one that I did get was Aisha Montgomery, who is an information officer for the Yukon Territorial Government. Thanks Aisha, and thanks also to those who I spoke to for background. It’s refreshing to not always be herding cats when talking to public sector employees.



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