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Obstinate Public Servant of the Week Award, June 8 2012 June 12, 2012

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My my, missed a few weeks. My bad.

Last week’s award goes to Robert Bizarro, a project manager with the Fairbanks North Star Borough who’s overseeing a project to redo the roof and repaint the walls of the Pioneer Park Civic Center (you know, the big building that looks like a cake). It’s not an enormously big or special project, but it *is* one you’ll notice if you ever visit the park, and it’s scheduled to cost about $600,000.

After getting the usual runaround from borough staff, I finally got put in touch with Mr. Bizarro as the man to talk to. Talking to him was like pulling teeth, and he repeated several times that, “There’s nothing really important about this,” and things of that nature. And he declined to be interviewed on record. 

To a certain extent, I can understand hesitance to appear on TV – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But come on, man. This is a straightforward piece about a project that will have a moderate impact on folks around town. Answer a question or two, or direct me to someone who will. Don’t treat me like I’ve just stumbled onto the Watergate burglary. Also, while a project that spends 600 grand in tax payer money might not seem that important to you, I assure you that the people of Fairbanks would gladly take that money back if you don’t want it. Over half a million dollars still means something where I come from. Which, I guess, is here. It still means something here.