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A Quick Non Sequitur February 12, 2009

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This doesn’t really have anything to do with Alaska politics, but it does have everything to do with the changing face of journalism.

Did you catch Obama’s first prime time press conference the other day?  Yeah, neither did I, but I did read the transcript, and was struck by something: not only does The Huffington Post apparently have a reporter in the White House press pool, the President called on them for a question.

Online news has come a long way.


Welcome to the Report September 12, 2008

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Welcome to the Roothog Report.

This will be a weblog about Alaskan political issues, particularly ones that affect Interior Alaska.  The reason I chose Alaska politics as a focus is that, quite simply, they don’t usually get much attention.  People might argue that at this particular moment, Alaska politics, as characterized by Sarah Palin, are getting oversaturated coverage- and with regard to Sarah, they would be right.  On the other hand, the intense media coverage of Mrs. Palin has been, almost without exception, to the detriment and even exclusion of other facets of Alaska politics.

It is my goal to give a little press to the parts of Alaska politics that, while perhaps not as glamorous as Sarah Palin’s Cinderella story, have a greater impact on day-to-day life here.  I’ll be covering things like initiatives and State Senate races, Superior Court rulings and city ordinances.  This is not to say that I won’t cover Sarah Palin and Ted Stevens and Don Young too; I would be remiss in not doing so.  What I won’t do is cover them at the expense of other issues.

Again, welcome to the report.  Real posts will follow shortly.  While you’re waiting, take a look around.  Check out the “What’s a Roothog?” page for an interesting story about pigs, or have a look at the sites on the blogroll to the right for insight on local news and politics.  Let me know if there’s anything I’m missing, or if you know of an issue that you feel deserves coverage.

Thanks for coming.  Stick around for a while.